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Peace Education Action Compassion and Empowerment (PEACE) Weaving Wholeness was founded in 2015. The organization emerged from research conducted by the Founder, Rev. Paulette Sankofa, Ed.D., as well as needs expressed by the local community.

We provide culturally-based meaningful enrichment programming for adults ages 60 and older that is grounded in our mission and focuses on the reduction of social isolation and loneliness by supporting their mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

We do this through our core outreach, The Sankofa Culture and Art Wellness Village Communiversity.

We believe in the power of life-long learning, the power of seniors to embrace change and growth, the power of seniors to be active agents of change for themselves and their community, and the power of art, culture, and technology to transform lives.

Art & cultural Enrichment Workshops

Wellness Seminars

Technology Training & Equipment

Community Resources

Social Events & Community Connections

Our Mission

Our Mission

To engage adults ages 60 and older in meaningful activities and connections that support their mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.


Our Vision

An equitable community environment that encourages adults ages 60 and older to be well, viable and active in all aspects of their lives, and the world around them, as they age in place.

We celebrate the value and power of our community Elders.

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