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There is a critical need in many neighborhoods to combat social isolation, increase health and wellness, improve economic wellness, and a sense of rootedness. Families are faced with decisions that often separate them from older relatives. Our long-term goal is to bring older adults together through our NORC to experience a cultural community that will support them throughout the year and impacts the health-related quality of life. We gather and analyze data about isolation, community connection, and overall health-related quality of life and build upon that knowledge.


Our NORC supports seniors aging in place. We build on the arts and cultural community that currently exists in our zip codes to create a space specifically inviting for seniors to engage, feel empowered, and advocate for themselves. We use a variety of arts and cultural experiences to engage seniors. Focus group discussions from our pilot summer camp 2019 participants suggest that the camp was a successful method to begin this process. Focus group comments such as benefits of camp: friendship, connections, meeting new friends, camaraderie; next steps for campers: exchanged phone numbers, plan to meet monthly, become Facebook friends; camp’s connection to health: reduced my isolation, wellness talks & healthy lunches a wake-up call for me, get out, be active, become engaged; camp improvements: more classes, more camp weeks, and more programming!

We responded and we now provide year-round engagement through the Sankofa Culture and Art Wellness Village NORC program, We’ve Got the Power. We’ve Got the Power offers a wide variety of arts, culture, and wellness seminars as well as connection to needed resources.  Also, in summer 2020 we began offering Chaplain services to connect with the spiritual needs of participants.

Our focus is on equity and inclusion for all older adults living within our footprint in north St. Louis City. However, we do offer a few spaces to St. Louis County residents. We particularly seek those who are isolated, live in senior housing, and struggle to connect to those in their community for any number of reasons, including transportation, knowing where opportunities are to gather, and being offered culturally relevant, creative, and welcoming activities. We offer educational workshops supporting economic, racial, and social equity. 100% of the summer 2019 campers were Black, but the program is open to all adults ages 60 and older. Our Board of Directors includes women and men representing Latina, Asian, and African American populations, diversity of age, and educational level. We have established a Community Advisory Council that includes racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, educational, and age diversity. 


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Sankofa Culture and Art Wellness Village: To find out more information about our Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) and resources available.


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